Project Description

How community-based organizations are adapting their services to continue working with youth through local English language schools.

Cette présentation abordera comment les organismes communautaires adaptent leurs services pour continuer à travailler avec les jeunes en collaboration avec les écoles anglophones de leur région.

Tammy Chatterton

Tammy Chatterton graduated from St. Thomas University and started working for Eastern Shores School Board in 2011 as a Community Development Agent (CDA). The Community Learning Centre (CLC) was established to encourage lifelong learning by facilitating access to services and offering support to families, students and community members. With that in mind, many activities, programs and projects have been developed and explored because of amazing partnerships with local organizations. Tammy continues to work as a CDA and now has three schools in New Carlisle, Quebec to support and nurture.

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David Cordes

David Cordes is the Founder and Executive Director of Boys to Men Canada. He is a masterful facilitator with 18+ years of experience leading personal empowerment workshops for adults and youth. His unique ability to build trust quickly and powerfully allows him to create safe and authentic heart connections from where participants can access their deeper truth.

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Katrina Driver

Katrina Driver is a Community Development Agent working with Laval Senior Academy, the largest regional English high school in Quebec. Katrina has over twelve years of experience coordinating community–based initiatives and programs in the areas of sports, arts, culture and social activism. In her current role, Katrina works closely with school principals and staff to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with community-based organizations, the municipality, families, and community members. Katrina is driven by her passion for bringing people together and contributing to a vibrant and meaningful life.

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Fay Gallon

Fay Gallon has been working with the Committee for Anglophone Social Action (CASA) since 2008, acting as Programs Manager for a variety of initiatives within the organization. Fay’s passion for projects that bridge the gap between generations and encourage youth engagement and participation, has ensured that young people’s lives are impacted.

Working with community partners, schools and community learning centres throughout the region, Fay is now leading a 2-year project to empower young people and foster leadership skills.

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Moderator: Katherine Dimas

Katherine Dimas soutient les efforts collectifs école-famille-communauté à travers son travail sur l’initiative des Centres Scolaires Communautaires au Québec. En tant que coordonnatrice de projets à LEARN, elle soutient le développement et l’évaluation de programmes qui ont pour mandat le bien-être global de l’enfant dans son environnement et qui s’adaptent à la culture des communautés qu’elles desservent pour mieux répondre à leurs besoins particuliers. Katherine a travaillé auparavant comme Agente de Développement Communautaire à Montréal, où elle a participé aux efforts collectifs en siégeant sur diverses tables de concertation comme porte-parole des familles d’expression anglaise vivant dans des contextes de vulnérabilité. Elle est titulaire d’un baccalauréat en Psychologie et une maitrise en Études de l’enfant (Child Studies).

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